The Tamagoyaki Omelette Frying Pan

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The tamagoyaki, or Japanese-style omelette, is considered a staple food in Japan.

But a usual balanced meal will consist of more than an omelette, usually consisting of meat and vegetables as well.

The Tamagoyaki Omelette Frying Pan

The Tamagoyaki Omelette Frying Pan


So what happens if you do not have time to cook them all separately?

Well you combine them of course!

Introducing the 3-in-1 pan, where the frying pan is divided into 3 compartments.

Works with both gas and induction cooking stoves, the center portion is made to be specially used for making tamagoyaki, while the sides could be simultaneously used for cooking meat and vegetables at the same time.


So if you are looking at multitasking at cooking, this frying pan would be the perfect partner for you!

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