The Anger Management Shouting Jar

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What do you do when you are stressed?

Take it out on someone?

Or go to the boxing gym for some kickboxing?

Or just simply shout from the rooftop of the tallest building you can find?

How about shouting into a specially-made jar?

The Anger Management Shouting Jar

The Anger Management Shouting Jar


Now you can with the Sakeboard.

Scream and shouting with all you have got into this jug, which absorb your screams.

This specially designed jug can absorb, mute and reduce the sound by a third.

In addition, you can also write on the jug, which can easily be erased.

So if you live in an apartment block and need to relieve stress by screaming at the top of your lungs, well, this would be the ideal device!


Available from end September, this device can both help you reduce stress, and reduce any troubles with your neighbours from the noise.

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