The smart toilet for the smart pet

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With humans, it is still difficult, but relatively easy to keep track of their health: if they are not feeling well, most can articulate it, or simply head down to see a doctor.

With pets such as cats, it would be more difficult as humans do not speak pet language, and neither can they simply waltz to their local vet.

So to solve that, the smart toilet is born.

The smart toilet for the smart pet

The smart toilet for the smart pet


Used with cats, this smart toilet is a litter tray that monitors the pet’s weight and number of times it has urinated in.

The toilet is linked to your smartphone app that records these activities and displays it in graphs, so you can see if your pet is still the same or may have an illness.

In addition, it also has a camera that takes pictures to identify the cats, so if more than one is around, owners can keep track of them separately.


So if you are a cat lover, you may want to take a look at the smart toilet to keep track of your cat’s health.

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