The Frozen Smoothie Maker

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Almost everyone would like to have something cold and refreshing once in awhile, be it in scorching summer heat, or cold winter days.

What best than a cool refreshing smoothie!

The Frozen Smoothie Maker

The Frozen Smoothie Maker


Introducing the Tumeta Oicino Frozen Smoothie Maker.

Fun to use and family-friendly, it is a great way to spend the day at home with your family while enjoying cool delicious smoothies.

The device looks like a cocktail shaker, but it is a chilled smoothie-style drink maker.

Simply add milk or juice as the base, freeze for a day, and add other ingredients in.

After, simply press a button and your unique dessert drink will be ready for you in a few minutes.


Get one now and enjoy your own blend of unique smoothie type drink.

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